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NCR Secured

Greater security, greater opportunity.

Think Security.

Accepting more types of payments sets you apart from competitors. We have developed fast and reliable solutions to increase your bottom line. 

Securely accept all credit cards. 

Whether you need a stand-alone terminal or fully integrated point-of-sale (POS) system, we have the equipment you need.

The more customers trust you with their sensitive data, the more sales you can make.
No more third party Token Service Providers means one less expense and possible point of failure.
Fewer problems with card issuers over chargebacks, reimbursement and legal action.

With card data now secure, you could move more of your business processes and systems to the cloud.

Card On File
Recurring payments, repeat purchases and refunds are easier and more secure.
Easier Compliance
Storing cardholder data can go a long way in reducing your PCI overhead.

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Secure your payments with us.


Chip Credit Card Readers

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Data Encryption: Level 1

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Industry Standards

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Data Encryption: Level 2

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