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Integrated payment solutions – customized for government.

Make it better.

Our solutions create an exceptional customer experience, increased staff productivity and operational efficiencies.

Competitive solutions.
A single provider of payment services for all departments and all payment channels. This bundled solution will improve the customer experience for both your constituents and contract management.
Endless integrations.
We offer integrations with your software systems, as well as a REST API, to support additional integrations to JetPay’s processing platform, making it seamless for you to process payments.
Implementation expertise.
Our implementation teams specialize in government services agencies and understand the complexity of integrations and requirements for onboarding efficiently.
System Stability
Industry leader in service up-time with continuous proven stability. Extensive systems management and security to process payments without service interruption.

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Billing & Payment Solutions for all Governments. 

Tax Payments
Utility Payments
Driver & Motor Vehicles

Parks & Recreation

Court Fees

Citations & Fines
Licenses & Permits
Education & Libraries

Secured Payments – Process with Confidence.

Level 1 PCI Compliant
We are a Level 1 Service Provider–which is the highest level.

We tokenize payment data to allow customers to re-use their info without re-entering.

End-to-End Encryption
All payment and PII data is encrypted when at rest and in-transit.
Hosted Payments

Simple web forms configurable and integrated limits PCI Scope.

Worried about implementation?

Don't worry,

We can help.

A dedicated implementation team of specialists will be right behind you.  You will also have marketing and communication resources to help you get the word out.

Once you set up your solution, we help you inform clients of your new offerings with prominent payment messaging like billing inserts, logo usage and statement/invoice messaging. We’ll also help you design your website for a streamlined experience, making recommendations to you for minimal clicks. Our additional marketing efforts are offered at no cost to your office and are just another piece of the whole solution.

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