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For over 20 years, Personify has served as the technology foundation that empowers nonprofit organizations to better engage their constituents, maximize revenue and optimize operations.

Nearly 25 percent of the US population interacts with Personify through their involvement in nonprofit organizations. As the market leading Constituent Management & Engagement (CME) platform, Personify serves modern nonprofits by seamlessly managing information and interactions on a single platform, extending their power to connect to their constituents.

Personify offers end-to-end solutions for organizations of all sizes from large associations to charities, YMCAs, JCCs and nonprofits that are just getting started. A third of their clients use more than one Personify product, whether they’re managing a national organization, a state or local chapter or developing an online community for a group of members.

Personify is committed to creating a world where people spend more time pursuing their passions and less time managing their technology.