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Encryption that keeps card data secure.

Maximum security.

Secure Tokenization is one of many security features NCR Payment Solutions employs to help keep your cardholders’ data secure.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Your customers trust you to take care of their data.

Card is used.
Our POS systems all use our PCI-compliant algorithms and encryptions when authorizing a transaction.
Data is encrypted. 
The sensitive data is kept under maximum security while a unique token is placed on your system in the place of card numbers.
Hackers fail. 
These tokens cannot be engineered back to the card, leaving hackers and unauthorized individuals with useless data.

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Cover all your bases.


Tokenization is an important step in taking care of your customers’ data, but you can’t stop there.

Explore how a chip card reader can further minimize data breaches. 


The newest form of security takes encryption to the next level. 

Discover how to process credit cards without their number existing in your data in the first place. 

Learn more about Tokenization