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Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Step into the future of recruitment.

Just picture…

What your company would be if you could focus all of your energy on doing what you do best. Thousands of clients choose NCR because we provide reliable, intuitive tools to streamline their hiring operation. 

Take advantage of digital tools that streamline the Talent Acquisition process, from recruiting all the way to onboarding.


Applicant Recruiting

Your all-in-one hiring solution.

Analyze workforce gaps.

Not sure when to hire someone? We will analyze your workforce and pinpoint the gaps within it to let you know where you should focus on hiring new people!

Share the available position

In a digital world, posting your open job positions online is crucial. However, there are regulations that must be followed in this process. We can help you make sure you do this while also reaching a wide audience of potential candidates.  

Vet Candidates.

You can even assign hiring teams to collaborate within the dashboard while automated pre-screening features save you effort and improve your shortlist.

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Need some help finding candidates?

Don't worry,

We can help.

We offer user-friendly applications that automate the tedious parts of the HR cycle.  Spend less time doing busywork. Leverage your time to provide your employees and business the value that only you can.

Electronic Onboarding

Our web-based onboarding tools ensure that your employees get off on the right foot before their first day even begins.

Employers with 50 or more full-time employees within the previous year and all self-insured employers must report healthcare coverage information to employees and the IRS. Let us keep your company in-line with regulations, so you can stay headache free.


New hire paperwork can quickly become overwhelming to keep track of. Our paperless onboarding module streamlines all the needed forms and allows any New Hire to enter information directly into Workforce Today.


You will be able to seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance documentation in a single platform, while also improving efficiency and data consistency.

Training Programs

Give your employees the opportunity to grow.

In the final step of Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, we will also help you ensure a seamless integration of your New Hire into your current team by providing training materials for you company and consultation from human resource experts. We can interact with you in order to create a unique training program to onboard your new employees.

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