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EuroPay, Mastercard and Visa.

Security that Matters.

Billions of dollars are lost annually in fraudulent transactions both online and in stores. Criminals are keeping pace with credit card security developments.

EMV Adoption has helped. 

The number of data breaches has since declined.

We lead the field in EMV adoption.

With “Chip-N-Dip” ready terminals and some of the industry’s most advanced prevention measures helpe to defeat credit card crime. 

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The Better Way to Fight Fraud.

EMV allows customers using a chip card to have an extra layer of security.

Potentially fraudulent activity occurs when your business is not using a chip-enabled reader.

Reduce Chargebacks. Avoid fraud. 

Using EMV terminals reduces chargebacks due to fraudulent payments.  Give confidence to your customers about their security, and discourage fraudulent activity with this level of security. 

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EMV Capable Readers
Real-Time Security Reporting

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