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Staying compliant has never been easier.

HR Smart Comply

Tools that seamlessly integrate regulation updates.

All the tools you need.

Countless ways to stay ahead of new governance:

You can search and find current information about anything related to HR. This solution helps create and maintain federal/state employee handbooks

Live Assistance

If the information isn’t enough and you need more, HR Smart Comply offers a live assistance option that allows you to communicate with someone anytime!

Advising and Consultation

NCR HR Outsourcing includes the opportunity to have a subject matter expert advise you on next steps and make sure you stay on track.

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Implementing regulatory changes can get complicated. Don’t have time to deal with them?

Don't worry,

We can do it for you.

Our team of industry experts will monitor regulatory changes and ensure you are always compliant. 

Stress less about staying compliant and focus more on doing business. 

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