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GetHired 3/12/18


New Candidate and Onboarding Email Update

The “New Candidate” and “Completed Onboarding” email that is sent when someone applies to a position has been revised to include the company name. E.g.: “Kaitlyn has completed onboarding for “.

2018 W-4

The new 2018 W-4 is now live. Any employer that starts the onboarding process as of 3/12/18 will use the new W-4.

Onboarding Notifications to more than one user

You now have the ability to send onboarding notifications (when an employee completes onboarding) to more than one person. Previously, only the person who received these notifications was the user who sent the onboarding documents to the employee. From “Manage Onboarding” users will be able to create a pre-defined list of people who will receive notifications. You can also specify whether others can modify the list for each onboarding request. Depending on whether the “Allow team members……” option is checked or not, users will be able to modify the list of recipients who would receive onboarding notification.