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GetHired 06/03/19

Release Features

Linking Indeed Sponsored Ads with an existing Indeed Account

If employers have an existing Indeed account, they can enter the email address associated with that account when they sponsor their job on Indeed from GetHired. This allows users to link their sponsored job to their existing Indeed account so they can manage billing and view sponsorship related details from that Indeed login.

Submitting WOTC information with Auto-processing enabled

If auto-processing enabled for WOTC, an order gets submitted automatically when a client hires a WOTC eligible candidate. Since WOTC orders require some confirmation on dates, we have added a new option for employers to login to the system and confirm new hires dates if a WOTC order has been generated by the system and the client has not provided the information earlier. In the “Order Status” tab, there will be an option “ Submit New Hire Information” for employees records that are missing the required information.

Requisition Numbers

The Jobs section in the enterprise version now includes a Requisition Number if the job has a requisition associated with it.